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Adam Chetter specialises in wedding videography in the North East and Yorkshire. In addition to filming with a regular camera, he is a licenced drone pilot. Adam can also provide wedding photography upon request.

With 25 years of video production and media industry experience, incredible testimonials, a calm persona, and the ability to blend into the background when necessary, you can rest assured you’re in safe hands.

Adam’s Signature Wedding Videography Package
Adam’s Signature Wedding Videography Package consists of three films.
• Film 1 – Wedding Day Highlights Film set to audio from your day.
• Film 2 – Full recording of your ceremony with up to 3 cameras.
• Film 3 – Full recording of your speeches with up to 3 cameras.

Adam’s Gold Wedding Videography Package
Adam’s Gold Wedding Videography Package consists of five films.
• Film 1 – Wedding Day Highlights Film set to audio from your day.
• Film 2 – Full recording of your ceremony with up to 3 cameras.
• Film 3 – Full recording of your speeches with up to 3 cameras.
• Film 4 – Feature Film featuring more moments from your day including your full ceremony and speeches. Approx 1 hour in length.
• Film 5 – Instagram friendly trailer film showing 60 seconds of your wedding highlights.

Where possible, the videography will include aerial footage. Please note, however, this is subject to both safety considerations (such as the weather) and to getting permission from the venue.
With the Gold Wedding Videography Package, you will also receive a glass USB stick with your wedding films on it. This is in addition to digital delivery which is provided with both packages.

The Wedding Videography Process
Adam typically covers your big day from about 2.5 hours before the ceremony to about 15 minutes after the first dance. Usually, Adam works until 8.30 PM at the latest. If you would like him to stay later than this, however, then just let him know. This can be arranged upon request.

When he is working on his own, Adam uses up to three cameras. If, however, you need extra cameras, then we can arrange for a second videographer to be there. You can have the videographer for a half-day or a full day. Having a second videographer tends to be very useful for multi-venue and/or large weddings.

Whatever option you choose, you can expect the same level of service. This includes scouting out your venue and understanding your wedding schedule. Whenever there’s a key event happening, you can expect Adam to be there, prepared. He’ll bring whatever equipment is necessary to capture your wedding in its true glory.

Also, while you’re experiencing all the excitement of your big day, we will be there to capture the little, unscheduled moments. These are often some of the most special parts of any wedding. We will work quietly and considerately in the background. In fact, you and your guests probably won’t even notice we are in attendance.

The Editing Process
With any sort of videography, capturing the initial footage is only part of the story. That footage has to be edited into a story. One of Adam’s most important skills as a wedding videographer is that he understands how to turn raw footage into a captivating story. He tells the story of your special day and highlights what makes your wedding different from every other wedding.

You can expect your wedding videos to be a combination of the key events and the little details. The goal is to create an accurate and timeless record of your wedding. When you watch it, you’ll be able to relive all the emotions it creates, all the smiles, laughs and happy tears.

Adam understands that you will want your wedding videos as quickly as possible. This is why he provides your highlights film (digital) after just three days. Regardless of whether you are on the Signature Wedding Videography Package or Gold Wedding Videography Package, your main films will be provided to you in just three weeks.

Additional Services
In addition to capturing video of your wedding day, we can also take your wedding photographs for you. If you choose this add-on package, we typically take at least 700 photos. These will be provided to you both on a USB stick and as a digital download.

You have the right to use these photos entirely as you wish. For example, you can have them turned into prints. You can use them to create photobooks. You can also share them on social media. It’s entirely up to you.

Adam can also capture a video of your engagement. This can be wonderful to include with invitations to your wedding. It can also allow you to experience working with Adam. You’ll then be able to see for yourself what he can deliver for your wedding.

Contact Us
If you’re looking for a highly experienced wedding videographer who focuses on your story, the goosebump moments and the emotions filling the room as you entertain your guests, then get in touch with Adam today. Call today on 07498 946584 or visit our website, and I’ll respond in a couple of hours or so. We can chat about your wedding plans, check my availability, and see if we’re a match made in heaven.

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