A Sensible Approach to the Christmas Period

A Sensible Approach to the Christmas Period
Many of us look forward to the festive season as a time that we can indulge in our favourite foods and drinks with family and friends, however, when the festivities are over many of us regret it and vow to start eating well again in the new year.

However, with a little thought and planning, you can still enjoy the festive season without completely going overboard and forgetting about eating well at all. Nobody wants to spend the whole of the Christmas period without being able to enjoy any of the food they love at all so making plans in advance so you can make sure that you eat and drink sensibly is a very good idea so you can make sure that you can enjoy your Christmas to the full.

Before you have bought any food at all it’s a good idea to have a good think about what other plans you have for the festive season, as eating out can sometimes be more problematic, especially if it is to other people’s homes.

Try and work out which days are going to be times you are likely to be offered a lot of food and drink so you can make sure you eat well on other days when you don’t have so much going on, if you are likely to be drinking make plans to drink sensibly try and limit the alcohol you have and perhaps try and find some alternative soft drinks you enjoy that you can take with you. Also try and think of the things that you know you won’t be able to resist if you are offered and decide in advance how much you want to limit them if you have some things in moderation it is far easier to find the willpower to decline other things.

When planning what food you are going to prepare at home try and stick to your normal diet as far as possible when your not having festive meals so try to only shop for the meals you are going to prepare and avoid buying lots of other treats that you don’t really need so you can avoid temptation. Also, try and find healthier alternatives that you can use for some of your favourite dishes, sometimes substituting a few ingredients can make a lot of dishes far better for you and plan meals that include some healthier foods that you really do enjoy.

If you are planning a roast dinner, have a smaller serving of meat and potatoes but buy a really nice selection of your favourite vegetables and cook them well and your roast dinner will still be just as tasty and satisfying, but a lot more healthy.

Making sure you eat sensibly doesn’t have to be boring if you combine healthier alternatives with other foods in moderation, there are many delicious things that you can serve that don’t have a high sugar or fat content that people will really enjoy. Preparing foods such as salads, fruits and nuts alongside other less healthy foods means that you will be able to have a tasty meal that will really fill you up and impress your guests.

If you want to enjoy a few drinks in moderation consider finding out more about how to make delicious drinks that avoid the use of sugary mixers, you could consider making a punch or cocktails using fruit juices or see what lower sugar mixers are available in the shops.

No matter what plans you have made for this Christmas with a little thought and planning you can still eat and drink sensibly but enjoy the things you love in moderation, and while it is cold outside taking the time to go for a walk and keeping active is also an excellent way to keep feeling healthy if you have overindulged a little!

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