A Healthy Lifestyle for 2020

A Healthy Lifestyle for 2020
If there is one wish that you could have for 2020, make it a wish for better health. Sure, you could wish for a brand-new car, or to get a new job, but the best wish that you could have for yourself is the one where you aim for a better lifestyle. Almost all resolutions at the New Year surround being healthier, from giving up smoking to lose weight.

However, if you make your resolution one to live a healthier life in general, you’re going to see it all come together. For example, if you resolve to stop smoking, you’ll notice you can breathe better, taste better, and you’ll feel better for it, too. If you decide to walk more and leave the car at home, you’ll lose weight, get fitter and gain some new perspective.

Choosing a healthier lifestyle for 2020 is choosing you. It’s choosing to put you before anything else, and there are so many reasons to embrace that healthy lifestyle you’re craving. Let’s take a look at some of the swaps you could make for a healthy lifestyle in 2020:

1. Eat Better. You don’t need to live a life of rabbit food and fresh air to have a healthier diet. In fact, it doesn’t truly matter the route you take to eat healthily; all you need to have is a calorie deficit. If you’re burning more than you’re eating, you’re going to shed some weight, which will be kinder to your bones and give you far more energy than you imagined!

2. Move More. Have you ever heard of NEAT? Well, it’s non-exercise activity thermogenesis, and it’s the energy that you expend when you’re not sleeping or eating or actively participating in exercise. It’s the smallest change with the most significant impact. For example, if you’re choosing to take the stairs instead of the elevator, you’re getting your NEAT up. If you’re walking through town to get where you need to be instead of driving or getting the bus, you’re getting your NEAT up. So, in 2020, aim to get your NEATup 24/7, and you’re going to notice your energy levels change, and your fitness improves.

3. Take Pause. Stress is something that can cause a whole host of issues with your health. It can manifest physically, with aches and pains. It can make you sick. It can mess with your head and lead to mental health issues. A healthy lifestyle includes looking after your mental health, so resolve to take a moment in 2020 and make sure that you’re not becoming overwhelmed with all the elements in life. Meditation and carving out time for yourself to just BE can make a lot of difference.

4. Sleep. You need rest if you want your body to feel different. A good night’s rest is going to change the game for your ability to motivate yourself to move more, to eat better. Feeling sluggish leads to you eating a poor diet, refusing to move and feeling stressed. Sleep is the key to a healthy life!

So, with 2020 looming, get your goals for a healthier lifestyle in order and be ready to smash them!

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