Start 2020 with These New Year Resolutions

Start 2020 with These New Year Resolutions
Most of us lead a busy lifestyle and very often forget to look after yourself? In 2020 this can change with a few simple resolutions you should stick to. Feel your best in the new year by turning your life around for the better. When you take care of YOU first, everything else will fall into place.

Here are some of the resolutions you should consider, to help you feel your best and improve your world in 2020.

Health and Fitness
Exercising more will help you to look and feel great, but these aren’t the only benefits. When you exercise it releases endorphins, which are natural chemicals that will put you in a good mood. Your head will feel clearer, and any stress and anxiety may even be reduced.

When you combine your new fitness routine with healthy eating, you will become more focused and your energy levels will increase. Try low GI foods to keep you fuller for longer, and try to reduce sugar. The best healthy lifestyle is done in moderation. If you still allow yourself the occasional, small treat, it will be easier to stick to.

Reassess Your Finances
For those who are unhappy with their current work situation, 2020 could be the year for change. Feeling your best will be possible when you are happy with your finances, and being your own boss could be the answer. One solution could be to start a side hustle. You can make money online with Amway, a direct sales company that offers Independent Business Owners the opportunity to set their own hours. If entrepreneurship isn’t in the cards just yet, settle for sorting out your own spending habits. Start financial guru Dave Ramsey’s 7 Baby Steps money management plan to get out of debt and achieve financial success.

Be Beautiful Inside and Out
Getting your hair or nails done may feel like a treat, but making regular appointments will ensure you feel great all the time. If a special fragrance, treatment, spray tan, or teeth whitening increases your confidence then it will be a worthwhile investment. It can be hard to remember, but drinking more water will be good for you — both inside and out.

Doing good deeds for others will help with your inner beauty. Random acts of kindness or volunteering are a good starting point.

Learn to Relax
Relaxing is a good way to unwind. If you have trouble sleeping, a hot bath before bed or a glass of warm milk might have a positive effect. You could try yoga, meditation, or Pilates to clear your head and stretch your muscles.
Depending on your interests, immersing yourself in a new book or television series could take your mind off the hustle and bustle of day to day life.

New Hobbies
Is there a sport or other extracurricular activity you have always wanted to try? If the answer is yes, you should put it on your resolution list for 2020. Life is short, and whether it is learning to sew, training for a marathon, or playing the guitar, now is the time to start. Achieving goals on your bucket list will be empowering, and make you feel good!

Start 2020 the Right Way
2020 is the right year to feel your best. Take the time to invest in yourself and improve your life. You could focus on your health and fitness, start a business venture, or try something new. Whatever you have been putting off, 2020 is the year to do it!

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