Makeup: The Eyes Have It - Post-lockdown Sales

Makeup: The Eyes Have It – Post-lockdown Sales.
Life in a face covering means eye expression needs to make a big impression, prompting a shift in makeup sales. Eye makeup has been taking a larger proportion of prestige cosmetics sales during and after lockdown, according to analysts NPD.

With lips now often hidden behind a mask, makeup sales in that area are taking a lesser share of spending.

The fashion industry has been affected by homeworking and video conferencing.

Online retailer Asos recently said sales of make-up and sportswear had been particularly strong as people were stuck at home, it said. It also said people were making more “deliberate purchases” rather than ordering and returning several items at a time.

NPD studied sales data for “prestige” makeup bought by women, which includes products sold in non-supermarket High Street stores and department stores, as well as online.

It found that mascara and eye shadow drove an increasing share of sales for eye makeup, up from 22% of makeup sales before lockdown to 25% post-lockdown. Eyebrow products have also taken a rising share in the market, having previously been static for some time.

In contrast, makeup for lips fell from 14% of the market pre-lockdown, to 12% afterwards.

“The popularity of eye makeup can be attributed to increased experimentation at home and wearing make-up whilst socialising with family and friends virtually or during conference calls with colleagues,” said Emma Fishwick, Account Manager, NPD UK Beauty.

It also followed social media-led trends encouraging people to experiment with makeup while people often need to wear face coverings in public.

“As consumers are required to wear face coverings in shops, on public transport and other public spaces, the lip segment has declined in share, driven largely by a decline in demand of lip colour as the lip area is no longer visible when wearing a mask,” she said.

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