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Looking After your Health Online
Nowadays many of us spend more time in front of a computer surfing the internet than ever before, but often we neglect to take the correct measures to look after our online health especially as it’s so easy for the time you spent in front of the screen to begin to mount up.

Although spending time online in itself isn’t harmful to your health, studies have suggested that spending long amounts of time sitting in front of a screen can raise the risks of developing health problems if you don’t take the correct precautions to combat these.

The glare produced by computer screens and phones can cause strain to your eyes over time and damage your eyesight so if you do spend a lot on time online it’s a good idea to maintain regular eye tests to ensure everything is ok, you may want to find out more about glasses that reduce glare to help prevent damage to your sight while you are using the computer without altering your vision at all which many opticians are able provide.

Sitting in one position for long amounts of time can cause stress to parts of your body including your back, neck and wrists. Sometimes this strain can lead to conditions such as RSI or trapped nerves and muscles, looking at the position you are sitting in, taking regular breaks to walk around and taking the time to stretch strained areas can all help to combat aches and pains like this.

Dehydration and headaches are also common problems that people experience when spending a lot of time online, so making sure you drink plenty of water is key if you want to avoid this. It is recommended that we drink at least 2-3 litres of water a day so taking regular breaks to go to the water cooler is actually very good for your health!

So if you spend a lot of time online you should take a closer look at it could be affecting your health and what you can do to combat any problems, normally just a few little adjustments to your lifestyle is all that’s required to make sure you don’t run into problems later on. So why don’t you consider what changes you can make and maybe book an eye test as well to ensure you can enjoy surfing the net in comfort for the foreseeable.

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