Get Ready for Xmas: Beauty Tricks and Tips

Get Ready for Xmas: Beauty Tricks and Tips
The winter holidays are almost upon us and we can already smell Christmas in the air. Have you received invitations to office Christmas parties already? How about calls for family reunions? Are you excited or panicking already? Worried about meeting your ex with a less-than-perfect face?

Just read these beauty tips brush up on what you should remember to be holiday-ready perfect and you’re going to be all set. Follow these tricks and tips and you’re going to be ready for those selfies and group shots you’re going to take.

Start with your hair
A major part of your look is your hair. You can wear a simple green shift dress a la Jennifer Lopez but look as glam as a runway model if you pay attention to your tresses. Whether you let your lustrous tresses down, pull them into a ponytail, or try a hair trend for 2019 like crimped hair, you can totally nail your holiday look with the right tools. Put utpmost emphasis your hair and everything else will fall into place.

Plan your outfits well
In the age of life documented in photos, you may be wary about repeating outfits this holiday season, but it should not be the case! Even the Duchess of Sussex repeats her outfits. Go for the classic like your LBD-little black dress or long black dress, your choice. You may also opt to don a red dress which frankly never goes out of style during Christmas.

Don’t be afraid to try on trends like a white midi-dress and remember, plaid is back so go ahead and wear the trend to your Christmas parties.

One thing you need to remember is not to match too much or else you risk looking tacky. That is, if you are dressed to kill in your glittery dress, then tone it down with your makeup. Don’t go head-to-toe pink or leather. God forbid you look like you are wearing a costume.

The same rule applies on makeup. Don’t do glitters, but say yes to a smokey eye. When it comes to wearing bold prints and color, take your cue from J.Lo and keep your makeup neutral.

Shine Bright Like a Diamond
From glittery nails to shimmery eyeshadow, the sparkly trend will have your holiday look spot-on. Go for a shimmery cream or eyeshadow palette. You may even try on the metallic trend. Think: metallic eyeshadow palettes and chain headbands. Metallic eye makeup like Cara delevigne will make your eyes pop in the best way possible for all those midnight shots in photos.

But keep in mind that you shouldn’t go overboard with shimmer. Don’t sparkle in more than two places. If you have sparkly eyelids and cheekbones, to add shimmer to your lips or d├ęcolletage anymore.

Highlighter is your new BFF
You’ll want to look dewy and glowing for all your reunions with friends and family. So go ahead and get a hold of a highlighter pen. This is a staple for your holiday makeup routine. Highlighter will act as a skin brightener for a luminous look over the holidays.

Where to add highlighter? Go for your chin, on your brow bone, along the nose for definition, and even on the center of your upper lip for that irresistible glow that’s just right.

Focus on One Thing
Go glam on your eyes with a smokey or glittery eyeshadow and tone it down for the rest of your face. Or do the contrast and work on your mouth rocking a bright red lip or a pigmented lippie from the latest limited edition holiday makeup collection.

Keep in mind that if you’re doing a bright lip, go light on your eyeshadow but don’t skip the mascara. For a heavy eye makeup palette, opt for a matte lip liner or a light sheer lipstick.

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