Introduction to Physical Therapies

Introduction to Physical Therapies The term Physical Therapy often brings to mind images of professional […]

Health • July 29, 2019
Introduction to Physical Therapies

Introduction to Physical Therapies
The term Physical Therapy often brings to mind images of professional athletes or people carrying out programmes to help them recover from an injury but it can also bring a range of benefits to anyone who is trying to improve their general health and fitness.

Many of us experience moderate discomfort such as knee or back pain when carrying out daily task and activities, especially as we get a little older but as there is no injury and the pain is manageable, we will normally try and just carry on as normal.

However, pain of this type is usually caused by weakness or tightness in key areas of the body and many physical therapists believe that the majority of case can be treated successfully by simply applying the correct physical therapies. While many doctors will assess problems like knee or back pain and prescribe painkillers or wait until medical intervention is required as their main concern it to provide treatments for injury or infection physical therapists aim to help build up the bodies strength and flexibility to help prevent or improve any general pains.

A lot of pain like this is caused by lifestyle habits and a good physical therapist will be able to assess their clients pain and not only be able to provide a treatment plan but also take a look at their lifestyle and help them to find the cause of their pain and find small changes they can make to ensure that the problems don’t recur.

For example sitting for long time can cause muscles to become very cramped so a physical therapist will be able to not only show their client the correct exercises to help reduce pain they will also be able to advise of correct sitting positions to improve posture and also what equipment you can use to help prevent problems in the future.

Often no matter what part of the body pain is being experienced in it is due to particular movements or positions causing cramps or tightness which can trap nerves or ligaments causing sensitivity or pain if it isn’t addressed correctly.

Physical Therapies aim to help undo this damage by using a combination of a range of methods including exercises, stretches, massage, although this isn’t an immediate cure with a little time and effort many people see a noticeable improvement and often find that their pains disappear completely, and if they keep up with any changes they have been advised to make they also find that the pain doesn’t return.

So, if you have been dealing with pain and trying to carry on as usual because your doctor has told you nothing can be done or want to improve your general fitness to try and avoid problems in the future why not find out a little more about the benefits of physical therapies.

No matter what type of job you have or the kind of lifestyle you lead by paying special attention to problem areas and by improving your general strength and flexibility you can be certain to be pleased with the results that you can achieve completely without medication.